World Women's Day - And the rights of women in Islam

World Women's Day - And the rights of women in Islam

World Women's Day - And the rights of women in Islam

Every year in March, the International Women's Day is celebrated loudly among liberals and semi-liberals. The rights of women are talked about and their status is acknowledged for a day. But if we consider, we, as * women *, find our rights open in a Muslim household. Formerly, the rights of women were violated, they were neither honored nor protected by their dignity.

Now the point of thinking is that what Western civilization is talking about today is gender-critical rights, and we celebrate and recognize this day globally at schools, colleges and elsewhere. " Women's Rights '' * If we look at our Islam and religion, it is clear that Islam is the only religion in which no woman has the honor of being given any other religion.

Islam is the illuminated torch whose rays raise a Muslim woman with honor, dignity, honor, rape, benevolence, protection, contentment. He even made heaven. Western and Eastern civilization are two separate things. The point of view of the two civilizations is completely different and if viewed, the two directions are different. Yet our eyes are full of Western civilization. The woman here is considered honorable in her adoption of this lawlessness, but does not consider that the rights given to the woman in our religion of Islam and the position given to her would be exemplified in any other religion. Is?

In Islam, a woman is not called "good". Before Islam, a woman did not have any share in the property, nor did the woman feel that she was entitled to any part. But the religion of Islam determined the share of the property of the woman. The step-daughter, the stepmother, was honored. In this holy book, the Qur'an, which is superior to all books, clear commands regarding the woman were issued and even an entire Surah (Surah An-Nisa) was revealed to the woman. Also strengthened the financial position of the woman. The seal was set for the marriage, it was given the seal. The men were obliged to pay their seals with joy.

The laws and rules of divorce, such as divorce of a woman, were stated. Despite all this, Muslim women seem to be influenced by the West. It is up to us to decide on a civilization in which to spend years before marriage, in the name of under-standing. Where a woman looks momentarily at the intersections. Wherever a woman is left, And it is taken when desired. Where women hang clippings in the name of dress. In the name of open-ended, open liberty, there is adultery,

And it is Islam that made a woman holy. The protection of her rights has been fixed in the four walls. If he made a daughter, he declared it a blessing to be sent home. He guaranteed this person to Paradise. God himself said that the one who raised the daughters well will be with me in Paradise. In the case of a sister, she made brother's respect and in the case of his wife, by giving the whole house, she made peace. Is it not then fortunate that we, as a good mother, did not raise children on Islamic lines? Do not prove your mercy by becoming a good daughter. We cannot bless our brothers with a good sister. And not being a good wife can cause the husband to be satisfied, instead of becoming bitter and tormented. Of course we are less fortunate when our religion has given so many rights. With so much respect, so much respect, so much respect, why are we so impressed?
World Women's Day - And the rights of women in Islam

It is not a matter of women's international day, the thing is that the laws that give civil rights for a day are the same rights our Islam, our religion has given us permanently, so why should we take our rights temporarily? When we have eternal rights, Islam has clearly defined the position of the dead woman by separating her rights and responsibilities. And now the same Western civilization that has become the leader of feminists and has been acknowledged while the same civilization has made the most of the feminine sanctity. And this civilization speaks about the rights of women and our Muslim women are persecuted in their captivity.

The most striking example of this is how many women, such as Aafia Siddiqui, have been seduced and raped by Western civilization, but we see only their language, not their actions. We do not see the conspiracies that they make for the overthrow of Muslim rule. The fact is that we are making toys for Western civilization and allowing them to take advantage of us in whatever way they want. My purpose is not only that we must realize our rights but also try to take them, but also the rights that are in Islam. Do not enter into a rude attitude. Rights in which we are honored and not insulted.

All I can say is that Umahat al-Mu'minin is an example for us. He also took up the position of mother, daughter, sister, wife, and so on. They did not chant slogans of freedom and did not behave indifferently. Then think of it, we cannot think of a wrong word about them. Why the end? The simplest answer is that they did not abstain from Islamic teachings. Similarly, our survival is in our religion. In our Islamic and Shariah rights. On the other hand, men should respect their rights when it comes to their rights. Whether it is the rights of the mother or the rights of the sister, wife, daughter. And the only advice is that Islam has made women holy. From His walking, walking, getting up and sitting, to His adoration and adoration, He has given it a sacred gift over everything. Islam sanctified the woman's step so that she walked slowly to get respect in the way she looked up. Islam consecrated a woman's face to protect her from dirty and hungry eyes. Islam has consecrated a woman to be safe from all filth and wrong. It is only a matter of understanding Islam. I wish every Muslim woman would recognize her glory, her holiness and her position. May the Lord Almighty protect every Muslim woman's tradition and keep her safe and secure.

* Every day is a global day for Muslim women *

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