The advice of a psychologist

The advice of a psychologist

The advice of a psychologist

1. Keep yourself out of the news of the Corona virus. You know as much as you know about this disease.

2. Don't try to know the number of people who die from the disease. It is not a cricket match that it is important to know the score.
Do not share the death toll with others. Others may have a weak heart and brain. They may get sick of hearing such news.

3. Do not try to find out about Corona by searching the Internet and it may make you mentally weak.

4. By always thinking about Corona you may suffer from depression or nervous breakdown.

5. Spend time reading the Quran, religious education or favorite books. Spend as much time with your wife and children as possible.

6. Try to be carefree. This will increase your strength, which is very important right now.

7. Don't rely on WhatsApp and fee news, without confirmation.

8. Trust in the mercy of God and believe that just as every day goes by, it will go away.

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