In the crazy box

In the crazy box

In the crazy box

In those days, I used to spend most of my time in the madhouse, 'two great doctors of mad people in Lahore were my friends'. Whenever I finished, I used to go to them and they used to meet me with the great lunatics. Chaudhry was a doctor of elite families and educated lunatics. He used to come to Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard University's qualifying lunatics.

The chief was sitting mad, 'the madman was wearing a precious Italian suit', wearing a fragrant fragrance and holding a Cuban cigarette in his fingers'. The room smelled of cigarettes, and the doctor wrote with a faint aura.

Punjabi was 'abusing mother and sister in three languages ​​in Urdu and English' Dr. Sahib was listening to abusive words with utmost humiliation. When the madman got tired, the doctor made a signal and lifted the staff maniac with a chair. I went to the doctor and asked, "Sir, why didn't you get angry when you heard these abusive words" Dr. Sahib replied with a laugh "because I know this is crazy and if you get angry at the insane thing. So that means you're mad at them "I played it that day, 'If we're normal then we shouldn't be obsessed with crazy things'. I should also listen to the insults of the madman so that whenever I am in a difficult situation, I am reminded of Dr. Rashid Chaudhry when someone gets mad. I apologize to the 'madman' for my crime. I confess to sin and mistake and go on 'I don't make the mistake of communicating or arguing with the madman' The day I made this mistake I could not sleep without a sleeping pill on the other day. The other doctor was the poor mad physician. "He used to work in the official luncheon in Lahore," I used to visit him twice a week for gossip.

He used to say, "For example, one day I found a lunatic who thought he was (God) and decided to bring the Hour" until he spoke. He didn't say "Almighty", "I asked him one day why he would bring him the Hour". He looked at me angrily and shouted, "The world in which the onions are worth the same amount of kilograms is not destroyed. Should "I shake my head immediately"

He was happy and said, "In ten years you have only met a wise man, otherwise everyone in this country is mad. Everybody is lawless." He said, "Keep meeting me." I promise "I promise to put a hand on my chest but he says" Whenever I come, bring two bags of Gold Leaf cigarettes for him "I made that promise and I would still smoke it. Continued to provide until the onion became cheap and he withdrew his decision to make a resurrection.

I also had the privilege of meeting both Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and General Zia-ul-Haq in this insane box 'They both lived in the same barracks', ate food in the same tray and announced to hang each other. He used to say, "Look at Zia, I will hang my boots with your mustache, and General Zia shrugs and replies" Bhutto sir! I have cut my mustache, how will you hang my boot "

And Bhutto used to scream and say, "Hey coward, oh coward! If a man's baby, raise his mustache," and then after that there was a strange scene. "Bhutto called his workers to go ahead and Tear down the uniforms and General Ziaz-e-Aziz was talking to his compatriots 'He seemed to issue a command to guide the nation to his comrades' I also met with a "scholar" from Israel who was there with Moses. Palestine had "arrived" from Egypt with.

He also described the sight of the splitting of the Pacific Ocean, and also said that I myself would leave Hazrat Musa even as he was claiming he had a coffin, but then some ill-fated Kashmiris from Lahore. Stolen 'He used to say,' Come with me to the King World 'I tell you where they hid their coffin' He used to tell this whole story with great certainty and detail 'He had numerous Hebrew language meanwhile. The phrase also spoke '

At times we seemed to be convinced of his words, 'He was just caught by one thing' He always said 'I used to climb Moses on a bicycle to the mountain' if, unfortunately, in the mouth of someone He would go "Mr. Cycle was not there at that time" and just then 'Yes' would be' He used to describe such a great history of the cycle that Allah give and take the servant 'He claimed the cycle was not invented' Allaah revealed: He described such a phenomenon of the descent of the cycle as repentance.

I also met Imam Ghazali there, I met Imam Ghazali there, I met Ibn Rushd there and Bo Ali Sina was there in large numbers. I met a well-known physician there. Claims he can extract kidney stones through ants 'I asked' how 'she said' kidney stones are sweet 'You feed the patient half-live ants'

These ants will break into the kidneys and break stones, ”he claims, because the treatment is free, because Jewish pharmaceutical companies have locked him up in a madhouse with the government.“ The day it came out, it was all medical science. Would change 'I got countless politicians there' they all understood the pulse of the nation and they had a solution to every country's problem, for example a "leader" claimed he was unemployed for a month. Will remove problem from root '

In the crazy box
I asked "how" she said "the government will recruit all the population of the country above eighteen" unemployment will end "I asked" but where will the money for salaries come from? I told you that I was lying on the floor. 'Sell your glacier to Saudi Arabia' Saudi Arabia will be cool 'Umrah season will get bigger' You should take Umrah royalties from them and keep paying people salaries. '

One scientist there also had a solution for load shedding. He said that the government should build ten million small turbines, put their wandering dogs in front of them. These dogs will generate 100 million units of electricity daily. The solution will be 'I asked' but where did the food for Mr. Dogs come from and he said with a smile, 'The dog who dies during the process of generating electricity should be cut off and opened to other dogs'. Both of them went into crazy boxes 'They were the most exciting years of my life because I learned in those two years'.

Every crazy person in the world has six qualities: 'The crazy talk is stupid' It will speak and then it will go away 'It will never let you turn' Two 'It will be unnaturally serious' Do you ever You will not see a madman laughed at 'He will also laugh you will see the seriousness of his eyes' Three' 90% of the world's crazy people have a lot of religious and spiritual information. The bigger the four you are, the more insane you are, the more confident your tone is.

If you meet a madman you will be amazed at his conviction that he will swear the sun comes out of the West and the Jews have named the West to mislead the world 'five' every crazy day in the world. He dreams and he keeps that dream as a reality and six 'being the teacher of every crazy debate in the world', you can't beat him in the debate, so you have no choice but to obey him. If you do not believe my observation, you should visit a crazy box. '

You will be convinced of my "crazy identity" and if you do not have time, look to the left of your 'You will not need to go to the lunatic' This whole country has become a madhouse. From one end to the other, millions of scholars, scientists, politicians, intellectuals, physicians and peers will be found.

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