Family-Safe Attributes

 Family-Safe Attributes

 Family-Safe Attributes

Family comes from the legal relationship of man to woman, which is the basic unit of society and guarantees the survival of the human race. Family simply means: division of duties, that is, certain duties are specific to men and some to women. With this mutual support of the two, the institution of the family flourishes and the foundation of the society is strengthened. This kind of generation runs the system of human training, protection and sponsorship.

In this division, it is the responsibility of the sponsor and the protector of the man to maintain his physical and physical structure. On the other hand, the basic duties of a woman include training and housekeeping. This division has existed naturally since the beginning of humankind, religion regulates that division. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, the same divide existed in Europe and the United States to some extent. But then the capitalist system began to reconstruct this social structure for its own benefit and profit. Fifty percent of the population engaged in housekeeping, or women, found cheap labor. In order to get them out of the house and become the wheels of a capitalist economy, they created delusional slogans such as equality of men and women, women's freedom and their economic independence.

Since the woman of the West was already deprived of all her rights, these deceitful slogans affected women very much and they seemed to be gaining freedom. But over the past century, this deception of independence has plunged them into a deep swamp where it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to escape. Recent surveys in Europe have revealed that the working woman of the West is desperate for her life and wants to get out of this hell and seek shelter in the home of paradise. Is. Because the Diwali powers that have formed the outline of this new social structure will never want it to take a back seat. They are engaged in shaping a new world order or a global system where men and women will live just like an animal and a machine. The sex between them will be just as delightful and timely rather than legal. The sanctity and sanctity of the relationship will be gone. The world's population will be under their control.

In this regard, laws such as homosexuality, adultery, sexual relations between the sexes, and the protection of animal abuse are being gradually enforced throughout the world. Once this law is enforced, even if the majority of the society is against it, then those who commit this sin will not be called criminals or sinners. Then they will have complete freedom to play their own evil game.
It is important to understand that in Western societies they have not achieved this legal freedom at all. They have gradually debated the values ​​and norms of societies, debated the topic and then legalized it through the satanic democratic system. This is happening in some Muslim societies today. Some Muslim societies are still on the first stage, some have crossed the second and some third stages.

In a country like Pakistan, they are playing their dirty game under the patronage of NGOs, the media and global and domestic powers. One of the fundamental issues in this case, of course, is that we are not being given a legitimate right to a woman in the way that Islam requires. So even though the land here is not as smooth as it was in the West, they are still slowly pursuing their ulterior motives under the guise of sweet and sometimes dirty slogans. It is no secret that in a country like Pakistan, efforts are being made day and night to make this land accessible through the media. Universities, on the other hand, are atheists to our coming generations on secular and liberal land. Thirdly, stealthy adultery and homosexuality are becoming commonplace in society. Several NGOs and organizations are present in this regard.

So the current situation is that they are powerful, they have access to power centers and media. Thankfully, if they capture more power in the next ten or twenty years, it will not take long for the third stage to be crossed here. Then even though the majority of the society here will think of them as evil, they will not be able to do anything. The task of doing so is to tie them in front of their vicious schemes. But the real solution is what I have always been saying - restructuring an Islamic state that will reverse their tricks with the power of Islam, the law and the people.

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