Carona say Bachao k Laye 3 Kaam

Carona say Bachao k Laye 3 Kaam

Carona say Bachao k Laye 3 Kaam

We have been told that this is a disease that no cure has been discovered yet. That is why we are called to be careful so that we do not get the disease. Further, we are told that even if the disease is contagious, it can be counteracted with the best of immunity, and the most likely cause is that the disease will survive. So with these two aspects of caution and strength, we have been given many instructions. For example, do not go out of the house, wash hands with people, wash hands thoroughly with soap, avoid crowds, eat more vegetables and fruits instead of carnivorous foods, do not eat unnecessary medicines.

All of these things are important and we should take care of them all, but it's a job to do.
As Muslims we should not be alone. We believe that if Allah wants to protect someone from harm, no one can harm him, and he can benefit anyone, and he cannot withhold profit. Therefore, where caution is needed for precaution and protection, there is a need to pray to Allah before, during and after it. We are in a great test, and only God can drive us out of this trial. We are very sinful, dangerous, black car, but He is forgiving, creamy, merciful. We should bow to Him, cry, cry, apologize, repent, sincere, so there is no reason He will not forgive us. He has declared that, O my servants who have wronged themselves, do not despair of the mercy of Allah, because Allah forgives every sin; Will ask for more respite, but when that moment comes, it does not go away. Still time Opportunity. Look at your humility, your helplessness, your weakness, feel and know that God has no place to escape from, and nowhere else. God is All-forgiving, All-forgiving, All-compassionate. 

When we call to him, he listens. He is closer to the vein. He is also aware of the whispers in his heart. He even accepts the slave's voice in the belly of a fish. What is impossible is impossible for us. Is it difficult to make the impossible possible for the creator of the causes? He has said that if you call, I listen, if you pray, I accept. He just accepted the repentance, accepted the prayer, then all the trouble was over. If you have survived the illness, or if the healing is even better, and death comes, then what worry is there that we do not have to stay here forever, it is with Him to return, eternal life is waiting for us there, Meet her in a situation where she's not angry with us, so what else?

If he is not angry with us, what else should he do?
An easy version of receiving the mercy of Allah is to send blessings and blessings on his Prophet. We send blessings and peace once upon the Prophet of Allah, and Allah has mercy on us ten times. How fortunate is the Ummah that now the mosque of the Prophet of Allah has been locked. The chapter also closed. Only by thinking does the soul tremble. But this world of mercy from the Lord of the Worlds is concerned with seeing that we do not need a visa or a passport to offer blessings to the Prophet of Allah. No matter how far, wherever we are, when we send blessings to the Prophet of Allah, Allah has appointed some of His angels for the purpose of delivering this blessing to the Prophet of Allah. Muhammad Ali Syedna Muhammad Ali Ali Alla Syedna Muhammad Barak and Salim.
Prayer, Prayer, Prayer and Salutation, Recitation of Scripture, Other Obligations and Sacrifices. How can we assume that we will succeed, without simply turning to God, asking for forgiveness for our sins, spreading His mercy? If you have survived the disease, or even recovered, it is the return to it. The loss there is real loss and success there is real success.

The third thing is to help the servants of Allah, have mercy on them, forgive them, do not harass them, do good to them, lighten their burden, pay them their due, give them their right. Give more than the truth. He who has mercy on the earth, the heavenly have mercy on him. Those who are obliged to pay zakaah, pay zakaah, indeed it is time for the year to pass, but still give, and in addition to that, make the most of charity. Try to hide. Even the other hand may not know. Give more. Keep your hands open. Charity avoids blisters. If you give a loan to Allah, you will never be in a loss. He will give many times more. More than you think. here too. And if you do not get here, you will give there and thus you will forget all the pain, all the pain, all the hard work, everything. Those who are not obligated to pay zakat, also pay alms. The right of the body, the wife is the right of the children, the rights of the relatives, the rights of the neighbors, the rights of the orphans. If there is a neighbor and a relative, it is right to double. See if someone's wages have dropped. No one would have found the day. No one will burn a fire in a house. Look for such people on their own, and give them away, without asking for them. Give as much as you can. The more you lean, the more Allah will be pleased, and what if he is happy!

His importance of caution and strength, but for the forgiveness of sins, will have to be rumbled, blessings and blessings will be sent to his Prophet.

O Allah, have mercy on the wrongdoers, accept our repentance, remove this temptation from us and save us from the disgrace and torment of this world and the hereafter.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), Muhammad and Ali of the Companions, the Umayyads, the Brahmatik or the Ar-Rahman.

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