Who was stepping in?

Who was stepping in?

In common sense, stereotypes are said to refer to the old and ancient man. Stephan was actually a Roman emperor who ruled Jesus for some 200 years. By that time, the majority of Christians had converted to religion, and people were disillusioned with Roman deities and idolatry. The stereotypes wanted to introduce powerful Roman religion and idolatry. In that time, the case of the companion Kiev also happened. The companions were hiding in the cave for fear of stealing. Dukia Noss wanted to re-apply an obscure and ignorant religion, so his name became an idiom or identity for those who adhere to rituals and rituals.

Who was stepping in

Stereo and companion Keefe
After Jesus was lifted up to heaven, the situation of Christians became very bad. People started doing idolatry and forced others into idolatry. Especially one of their kings, "stereotypes" was so cruel that it killed the person who denied idolatry.

Who were the companions of Kiev ?: The companions of Kiev were the officers of the city of Ephosus, who was also the honorable court of the king. But these people were very disgusted with their faith and idolatry. Frightened by the persecution of the "stereotypes", they fled to his court to save their faith, and sought refuge and slept inside a cave in a nearby mountain, for more than three hundred years. I fell asleep. When the stereotype found these people and he found out that they were inside the cave, he became very angry. And in anger, he ordered that the cave be lifted off a serious wall so that they could die in it, and that cave would become a tomb for them. But the man to whom the stereotype was entrusted was a very good man and a man of faith.

He engraved the names of the companions, and engraved the whole incident on a plate and placed it inside a copper box and placed it on the wall. And such a plate was also stored in the royal treasury. A few days later the king of the steppes died and the kingdoms changed. Even a noble-hearted and righteous king, named "Bedros", was enthroned, who ruled for sixty-eight years with great glory. During that time, religious sectarianism began and some people rose and died and refused the resurrection. Seeing the situation of the nation, the king was sad and sad and he closed inside a house in solitude and prayed fervently in the court of the Lord, the Holy One, or Allah Almighty.

Make it clear that people will be raised to life after death and believe in the resurrection. The king's prayer became popular, and suddenly a shepherd of the goats chose the same cave to house his goats and knocked down the wall. As the wall collapsed, people were so frightened that the wall-bearers fled the scene, and the Companions of the Divine Awakening awoke from their sleep and engaged in greetings and prayers with each other. Also played When they were hungry, they asked one of his companions, Emilikhaus, to go to the market and bring some food, and quietly find out what "stereotype" means about us. "Emilikha" went out of the cave to the market and was surprised to find that Islam was spread everywhere in the city and people were reading the word of Jesus publicly. What is more, that it was a crime to name the faith in this city, and where did this revolution come from?

Then they went to a nanny's shop to buy food and gave the stereo-time money to the shopkeeper, who had stopped running, and no one was left to see the coin. The shopkeeper suspected that the person might have found an old treasure, so the shopkeeper handed them over to the authorities and the authorities started questioning them about the treasure and said, "Where is the treasure?" "Emilikha" said there was no treasure. This is our money. How do we believe that the money belongs to you? This coin is three hundred years old and the years have passed since that coin has stopped running and you are still young.

So clearly state that faith is solved. This is what Karimlichha said: "Tell me how is the king of the steppes?" Authorities said that there is no king of this name on the earth today. Yes, hundreds of years have passed since an unfaithful king of that name was an idol. "Yesterday, we just ran out of fear and saved our faith and life," Emilikha said. My colleague is in a nearby cave. Come with me, I will meet you people. As a result, the authorities and officials reached the cave in large numbers in the city. The companions were waiting for the "Yemelekha". When their return was late, they thought that Emilikha might have been arrested and when they heard the noise of many men at the mouth of the cave, they understood that perhaps the army of the steppes was coming to arrest us. Has arrived So they were very sincerely engaged in the remembrance of Allah and repentance.

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