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A Life of Abdul Sattar Edhi

A Life of Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar, a resident of Gujarat's Bantua village, started a clothes business in Karachi after the deterioration of the domestic situation. Who went to the market to buy cloth there. Someone shot a person with a knife. The wounded fell on the ground. The man died in a rash craving ..

 Young Abdul Sattar's heart was stained, thought there were three kinds of people in the society watching the spectators of the dead and helping the wounded .. Young Abdul Sattar decided that he would join the helpers and then The garment business owner bought an ambulance and wrote down his name like the telephone number below and started helping the injured and sick in Karachi city.

 He used to be the driver of his company, the office boy Baha'i telephone operator, the Baha'i Sweeper Baha'i, and the owner also kept the telephone ringing with the address of the sleeping phone and carried an ambulance to the injured and patients. On the way .. Abdul Sattar put an iron cavity in front of the center. People used to put their spare reserves in it as they passed. A few notes gave total wealth to the institution. They went to the mosque to pray at dawn. Maulvi Sahib announces killing of a child illegally Were taking it ptهr raised their baby and went to stand in front of the child Today she is an officer in the bank.

 They were going to pick up the carcasses. It was found in the sewer. When they came out to the bazaar, they saw the helpless old people go crazy picking paper and saw the children sleeping with the dogs on their feet. Old People's Home made madhouse. Seeing women in difficulty made maternity home .. People keep watching their obsession and help them It continued to grow until the Edhi Foundation became the largest welfare institution in the country. It also came to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2000 .. Edhi Sahib has become the largest private ambulance service in the world .. Abdul Sattar In Edhi Malik, without any fear, they would have gone to where the police were fighting or riots. Police dacoits and riot groups stopped seeing them. Malik's child knew Abdul Sattar Edhi after Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. Is ..

Edhi Sahib took out 8000 slushies from the sewer by 2003 and raised 16,000 newborn babies. They married thousands of girls. By this time, dozens of welfare agencies were running. People were kissing their hands and taking away jewelry from women. I used to put my youngsters on the streets and ride in their own van. Abdul Sattar Edhi is not in this world today but his welfare institutes are busy serving the humanities.

May Allah Almighty grant the highest place in Heaven Al-Fardus .. Amen ..!

A Life of Abdul Sattar Edhi

A Life of Abdul Sattar  Edhi

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